Mackay Fencing Services

Timber Fencing

Treated pine is one of the most commonly used timber products in Australia today. Offering dependable protection against termites and decay CAA treated pine palings and Koppers® Logs use natural and renewable plantation pine resources. At Mackay Fencing we will provide you with an economical and long lasting product.

Powder Coated Aluminium Fencing

General strength is an important consideration, when building a fence. A big factor in the quality of your Aluminium is the resistance to sun damage and rust. At Mackay Fencing, we ensure that all our pool fences are not only safe, but durable against the harsh Queensland sun.


A fence made of COLORBOND® steel is a secure, strong and beautiful addition to your home. With so many colour choices and design options, you can come up with a fencing solution that’s in perfect harmony with your home and your outdoor living areas.

Metal Fencing

Weld and Chain mesh fencing is efficient, effective and economical. At Mackay Fencing, we can supply you with exactly the right weldmesh or chainmesh fence for the job. Whether its security, appearance or budget, we’re sure to have a fence to suit your application.

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