Quality and Affordability

When It Comes To Quality &

Affordability, THE BLOCK BLOKES Deliver



Worried about the
engineering reports?

The Block Blokes provide professional
engineering reports at no extra cost. We
strive to reduce your paperwork as much
as possible.

What about
Council Approvals?

We also take care of this for you. Any
retaining wall projects that require
submitted Council Approval are taken
care of by us as a service provided to

Don’t know what
you’re looking for?

The Block Blokes offer comprehensive
consultations in order to achieve the best
possible outcome for your projects. Contact us within 30 days to receive your
initial consultation for free!

How long will it take
to get the job done?

Efficiency & time management is a top
priority for The Block Blokes. As a client
you will receive the highest standard of
workmanship. All our materials are also
sourced locally in order to reduce
project time as much as possible.


Contact The Block Blokes via email, phone or book an appointment at
our office. We are happy to help you achieve the
best solution for your needs.


Contact us today to receive your free initial consultation!

07 4955 0722



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